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July 02, 2004


Patricia Ross

Prophetic words were never spoken with greater grace, more compassion, or urgent need than to recognize how fundamentally different today is from times long past where America's pride was worn "on her sleeve," and constituted her basic fundamental generosity to the world. It is as if she has turned in upon herself like the Jeckyll and Hyde she has become in the few short years after 9/11 that apparently became her justification of feeding on her own blood, drinking her own sweat, and casting off her own used body shells - the carved out carcases of bottom feeding world of shellfish eaters. We are blessed that someone with your stature appreciates what has become the outcome of that which you fought so valiantly to preserve, and serves to warn America well of her future course. Thank you for your passion and your compassion to issue this Revere alert and warning.

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