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Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Why Doesn't Obama Support This Very Modest Progressive Tax?
Just Guess Who Opposes It!
James S. Henry

While we wait patiently for any signs whatsoever of progressive change in America, progress is still being made, deo gratis, elsewhere. Of course this is no thanks to the banker-minded Spartans who still occupy the Trojan Horse that is become the US Treasury Department.

Today the European Parliament adopted a resolution supporting the kind of global financial transactions tax that is discussed in the extraordinary performance by Bill Nighy below. For more information about the European action, please follow this link.

NGOs like Tax Justice Network International, Oxfam GB, Global Financial Integrity, Action Aid, New Rules, Christian Aid have all been working hard to support this proposal. They could use your active involvement and support -- right now.

As the Puritan minister Stephan Marshall once said in a sermon addressed to Parliament in 1641, "You have great works to do, the planting of a new heaven and a new earth among us, and great works have great enemies."

(If for some odd reason the video does not appear below, please travel here to get it.)

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Hey, Jim, proud of you! Constantly stirring up the most thought-provoking stuff, that always provides a chuckle as well. Keep on! (And come for a personal inspection tour of us third-worlders sometime soon.)

Cheers and strength to your typing finger. Denis

Posted by: Denis at Mar 10, 2010 2:10:57 AM